Do I need an attorney?

There are many factors that weigh in the decision to seek an attorney to help you with your vehicle accident claim. Sometimes a single factor determines whether or not expert help is necessary in your situation. Other cases present multiple factors that add up to the need for a lawyer.


Negotiating claims

The most important factor to consider is whether you are comfortable negotiating with insurance people in what is their realm of knowledge and expertise. Insurance adjusters exist to make sure the insurance company pays as little money out as possible on your claim.

They are trained to be friendly in their interactions with you, but this is a facade designed to make you feel like you have a knowledgeable friend working on your case. It is a mistake for you to be taken in by this facade. If you’d rather not be burdened with keeping a wary eye on the insurance adjuster at all times, you should have an attorney help you with your vehicle accident case.

Accident complexity

The complexity of your case is an equally important factor in the decision to hire an attorney. If you have a pre existing medical condition that is aggravated or worsened by the impact in the accident, your case will present a complex medical question that will require precise medical evidence to resolve.

Obtaining this evidence is beyond the everyday ability and skill of many attorneys, so a car accident attorney specialist will be better trained to represent your interests.

Minors and guardians

If the injured person is a minor or has a guardian that takes care of important matters for them, the need to get court approval of the guardian’s actions on behalf of the minor will certainly make an attorney a necessity.

Policy limitations and billing complexity

The interplay of different insurance policies also makes an attorney a necessity if a person is so seriously injured that the insurance policy limits are being exhausted by the injured party’s claims. There may be insurance policies that apply to your accident that you are not aware of. Modern day medical billing is another factor that quickly complicates a vehicle accident case. This list is a small sample of the factors that complicate a vehicle accident case.

The short answer to the question of whether you need an attorney really comes down to your gut feeling—do you feel confident that you will get everything you’re owed from the adverse insurance adjuster?

If there is any hesitation in answering this question, it is time to consult with an attorney about your accident.

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