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Area of Practice


Larson Law Offices has ONE practice area: we specialize in Auto Accident Injury Law. Brad Larson had dedicated his career, since 1991, to helping injured people and their families.

Why do you need an auto accident specialist?

If you had a serious heart condition, would you go see a general practitioner who had “handled a few heart cases”? Or would you choose to see a specialist who had handled hundreds of cases?

It is an all too common misconception in auto accident injury cases that any attorney (or the injured party themselves) should easily be able to reach a successful outcome for the injured party. After all, the matter seems so simple—there was an auto accident, and, unfortunately, someone was injured. That isn’t very complex, right?


That may well be the starting point, but what emerges from that point forward is a series of complex legal issues involving

  • Auto Insurance Law
  • Health Insurance Law
  • Medical Lien and Billing procedures
  • Specialized rules of Oregon Civil Procedure…

and the list goes on. If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident, you deserve a specialist on your side. Call us today at (503)222-7792 for a free consultation and case evaluation.




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